Is Lying About Using Birth Control Illegal?



Reproductive coercion happens when someone intentionally sabotages contraception to get pregnant or make their partner pregnant. Lying about contraception may be included. Reproductive coercion is a novel phrase with little knowledge, however, some consider it rape or sexual assault. However, reproductive coercion is not rape. Reproductive coercion is unacceptable.

Your partner crossed the line if they messed with or lied about contraception. Never tolerate such behavior. You may need to rethink the relationship if your partner has done so. Many people worry if reproductive coercion is a crime and what happens to the children. Continue reading to learn how it is.

Is It Illegal?

No laws prohibit reproductive coercion. No state has criminalized reproductive coercion, but California has civilized some instances. Reproductive coercion is currently not a crime. Reproductive coercion is unpunishable. California now allows reproductive coercion lawsuits. Even then, it may be hard to show birth control measures were tampered with rather than failed. Reproductive coercion victims must prove harm.

Child’s Future:

The biological father has no legal right to prevent the mother from parenting the child on her own if the mother is deemed capable of doing so. If the child’s father is unidentified or not informed of the child’s birth, he may be unable to prevent adoption proceedings. The father has the right to seek legal and physical ownership (parent-time) of the kid and to pay child support once the lady gives birth.

Child Support:

Courts consider the child’s best interests, not its origins. Thus, even if reproductive procedures were tampered with or someone lied regarding birth control, both individuals could be financially accountable for the kid if the pregnancy is not terminated or the child is not adopted. Parental income and custody time determine child support. State child support formulas vary. Some states cannot reduce or discuss child support rates unless circumstances change significantly. The court rarely lets parents forego child support since it belongs to the child.


If a parent is fit and wants to be involved in their child’s life, it is hard to stop them. If the parents are fit and wish to be involved, they will likely share custody. It would be tough to deny one side possession or parent time. The child would still be your financial responsibility, but you may choose to have no further contact with them.

Warning Signs

Reproductive coercion is always wrong. This is often done to control or keep someone. If your partner pressures you to have children, interferes with your contraception or withholds money for contraception, you may want to reconsider the relationship. If you can not quit the relationship, start preparing a safe exit. Domestic violence centers provide resources for victims. These centers may help you leave. The best defense against reproductive coercion is self-determination in matters of sexual and reproductive health.

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