Perk Up Your Coffee Routine With a French Press

The very first time I attempted to make coffee with a french press was comical. I will admit to having to view a YouTube video in order to figure out where the coffee grounds were supposed to go – in the glass carafe? Really? 

Granted, there is somewhat of a learning curve with a French press, but that is half the fun! There are over 150 million people who drink coffee in the United States. Just like with most things, we get too busy to break out of our daily rut. Adding a French press to your life will perk up your coffee routine.


If you use a drip machine like most of us to prepare your coffee, you may be used to buying finely ground coffee. It is recommended to use more course grounds in your French press.

To help you determine what type of grounds will work best for your preferences, take out the guesswork with a grind size chart. The perfect consistency for a French press should look like sea salt.

The temperature of the water you use the steep the grounds is also important, and can be varied based on taste. If your coffee turns out bitter, try to make the water hotter and decrease the brew time. To correct sour coffee, decrease the water temperature and increase steep time.

Depending on the overall flavor you are trying to create, you will also want to refer to a French press instructional guide for recommendations on overall steep and brewing time.


It may seem odd to switch your coffee routine to a French press because it’s fun – but it is! When you are not pressed for time (pun intended), being your own barista is actually enjoyable. No matter what, you’ll get a much better tasting cup of coffee, and an education by doing it yourself.

Understand that during this time, some of your attempts at French pressed coffee may not live up to expectations. It is important not to give up, and to keep trying.

There are some beautiful French presses on the market, and most are more economical than a drip machine. One made from stainless steel and high tempered glass parts with a 4-tier filtration system is ideal to a beginner or an expert at-home barista.

Enjoy discovering the different textures of coffee grinds and all the hidden secrets to French pressing like a professional. Most of all enjoy the process! A freshly pressed cup of coffee is always going to taste better than a pot run through a machine.


One of the most beneficial things about a French press is its mobility. Since it doesn’t require electricity, it is a very suitable option for campers, travelers, and anyone who wants to go off-grid.

All that is required of a French press brew is coffee grounds and a way to heat water, (which means you will need access to water also), and of course – the French press itself. It is easy to pack to take along on a camping trip.

It is not necessary to heat water to a boil, or to “cook” the French press on an open fire. Simply heat your water almost to boiling and pour into the French press to steep.

Even if you don’t travel and only desire to minimize bulk on your countertop, a French press will give you everything your traditional drip machine would, but in a fraction of the space.

Everything tastes better in the great outdoors, and coffee is a must have for warming up on a chilly mountain morning. Just because you are away from civilization, doesn’t mean your coffee can’t be expertly prepared to give you maximum enjoyment on your excursion.

Low Maintenance

One of the best ways to give your coffee routine a perk is to make clean up easier. Although some disagree, a drip machine is far more difficult to keep clean.

Even with a self-clean feature, a drip machine has hidden parts that can easily collect build-up, no matter how many times you run the feature. If you run a mixture of water and vinegar through a brew cycle on your drip machine, that has been said to eliminate the hard water stains and build-up in the machine.

Let’s face it though, after you’ve cleaned your drip machine, you still have to run several cycles to get the vinegar flavor and smell out of the machine.

A French press is far easier to clean because you can see all the parts. Being able to properly, and easily clean a French press makes it a winner in the convenience department. How does that not brighten your day?

Perk up your coffee routine today with a French press, and experience it yourself.

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