Reddit says it has cut ties with a controversial former UK politician who it had recently hired, after 200+ subreddits, like r/Music, went private to protest (Paul Tamburro/GameRevolution)

Paul Tamburro / GameRevolution:Reddit says it has cut ties with a controversial former UK politician who it had recently hired, after 200+ subreddits, like r/Music, went private to protestUPDATE: Reddit has now confirmed that it has fired Aimee Knight from her position with the company.
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The CEO of Renault and also Nissan Held a Reddit AMA as well as it was a Calamity

It’s still baffling that business believe they can get away with this sort of thing online, however Ghosn as well as the group at Renault/Nissan behind the AMA appear to have actually established the session to make sure that the chief executive officer was satisfied just with favorable, very easy questions developed by day-old accounts. Concerns positioned to Ghosn (that were among the only ones he answered, as he just supplied feedbacks to 20 inquiries) consisted of “what was your initial car?” “Do you have any type of suggestions for a brand-new Nissan salesman?” and also the embarrassingly sycophantic: “I’m a resist Datsun/Nissan follower that is very thankful to see exactly how well the business has actually performed with you at the helm and wanting to see a lot more years of continued success. My inquiry is how you see hydrogen fuel cells playing a part in electrical automobiles and if Nissan/Renault are spending, or preparing to spend, in this modern technology directly or through partnerships?”

The AMA started to arouse uncertainty after it made its method onto Reddit’s front web page, with user HiimCaysE doing a little bit of investigative work and also uncovering that all of the questions answered by Ghosn were uploaded by new accounts. The post itself likewise had positive karma, the factors granted to strings upvoted by the Reddit neighborhood, in the thousands, while its remarks hadn’t generated almost as much, leading those in the string to additionally hypothesize that the business had been shamelessly upvoting the blog post utilizing dummy accounts in order for it to reach the front page of the site.


The AMA was kept in order to promote Nissan’s foray right into self-driving cars and trucks, which the company promise to carry the market by 2020. Nevertheless, lots of have bookings regarding the tech, as well as this is undoubtedly why Renault/Nissan chose to rig the AMA to make sure that Ghosn really did not have to confront any type of tough concerns concerning their self-governing automobiles. Inevitably, Ghosn’s answers and the softball concerns posed to him by these day-old accounts were downvoted right into oblivion, and in their place now stands objections of the business and their self-driving automobiles, all resting on the front web page of one of the largest sites in the Western globe, turning this entire fiasco right into a PR catastrophe.

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