Refining Your Bulk Ordering Strategy – Navigating China’s Wholesale Market

China has an abundance of wholesale products available for import. To succeed, though, you must properly handle the sourcing procedure.

For some, purchasing goods in large quantities from China could appear like an easy undertaking. However, you might need to exercise extra caution if you are new to this subject.

Make sure your company is in good hands and that the discount you are receiving on your bulk order is appropriate.

When you are placing a bulk order from China, you might find it useful to go through the following procedure before finalizing a contract.  

– Put your product specifications in writing.

– Choose the range of quantities that will be ordered.

– Make a list of suppliers.

– Negotiate with suppliers.

– Select a supplier.

– Order a sample.

– Decide terms and conditions.

– Place the order.

A few mistakes to avoid

The following list of mistakes has been gathered from our past experience in providing services to several clients, and surprisingly, we have seen many of our clients who had more than seven years of importing experience also become victims of such common mistakes.

We are presenting here a few lists of the mistakes, which are applicable if you are buying wholesale from China.

When you are selecting your products in China then ensure that you must avoid the following mistakes:

1. Always go after the fad

Capitalizing on fads like fidget spinners can yield short-term gains, but long-term success requires products with enduring appeal to avoid volatility.

2. Never ignore your attention from cheap products

Low-value products often entail fierce competition, minimal added value, and thin margins. International shipping costs can erode profits, especially in saturated markets.

3. Consider products that are widely consumed to be good products

Highly consumed products like A4 printing paper face intense competition with transparent profits and established sales channels, making entry difficult for newcomers.

4.  Select bigger items to afford higher shipping charges

Large products incur high shipping costs and storage fees, especially on platforms like Amazon, making them less favourable for newcomers due to low value and space requirements.

While selecting your suppliers, the following mistakes must be avoided:

1. Consider working with a factory to be the best option

Importers often favour buying directly from Chinese factories for better prices but shouldn’t overlook trading companies.

Focus on supplier qualities like quality-price balance, expertise, communication, and responsibility.

2. Only consider the supplier offering the cheapest quote

While tempting, the cheapest prices may lead to issues like price hikes or compromised quality. Opt for reasonable prices to mitigate risks and ensure product quality.

3. Only buy from Alibaba and ignore the rest other procurement channels

While Alibaba is popular, other Chinese wholesale sites like Made in China and Global Sources offer similar suppliers and prices. Consider DHgate or AliExpress for small MOQs.

4. Consider that all Chinese sourcing agents are frauds

Some importers distrust sourcing agents due to scams and high fees, but reliable agents like Maple Sourcing Ltd. aim for long-term relationships, offering reasonable fees. Contact us with confidence.

We do hope this short guide to buy in bulk from China will be useful to you doing long-term business in China.

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