Stay Covered on the Road: Top Reasons to Opt for Bike Insurance Online



As a new or existing bike owner, ensuring the safety and protection of your two-wheeler is of utmost importance. Not only is this insurance mandatory, but it can also give you peace of mind for the beloved bike you have saved up to purchase.

I had worked for two years and saved up a significant amount of my salary to buy a Royal Enfield Himalayan after six weeks of waiting to receive the bike in hand. I was dumbfounded while looking for the best insurance for the best price. When I went on the internet for bike insurance check online, I was quite relieved with the fact that there are tons of options to choose from. However, for me, I was on the hunt for the best one.

What is bike insurance?

A bike or two-wheeler insurance is a plan focused on bike protection and coverage. It provides coverage for your insured two-wheeler against the cost of repairs in the case of damages and mishaps to your bike. It offers financial security from damages or losses incurred due to accidents, theft, natural calamities, or third-party liabilities that can happen to you or your bike on the road.

Nowadays, with the rise of digital platforms and due to a lack of time, people have been favoring convenience. Thus, many companies have made getting bike insurance online straightforward and convenient, so much so that you can buy new insurance or renew an old one with seven simple steps.

What are the benefits of a bike insurance?

● Mandatory in India

First, having insurance for your two-wheeler is mandatory in India, so if you want to avoid getting penalized or fined for not having one or sporting expired insurance, you can quickly get one online.

● Different kinds of coverage

Different insurance providers provide various kinds of insurance based on your needs and requirements. For example, you can get insurance covering everything from fire to explosion to theft, accident, self-ignition, lightning, natural disasters, terrorist activity, and damage in transit.

● Reduce your personal loss

Bike insurance reimburses you for your personal loss and protects the policyholder from liability for damage to someone else’s vehicles or property.

What are the top reasons to get two-wheeler insurance online?

1. Round-the-clock support

Online insurance providers provide 24/7 customer support for any assistance in renewing or buying a policy online through calls, emails, chatboxes, and more.

2. Minimal to Zero paperwork

Online application for insurance policy renewal or purchase is made simple by requiring minimal to zero paperwork.

3. Quick and transparent

It takes less than a minute to renew your existing plan and less than 30 minutes to buy a new policy because it requires no inspection if there is no break in the insurance period. It is effortless to figure out how to pay bike insurance online.

4. Easy to compare

Looking for bike insurance policies online makes it very simple for people to look at and compare different plans from different insurance providers based on the individual’s needs and requirements.

5. No middleman

Booking a policy online means there is no middleman, and you are directly dealing with the company, thus reducing the commission charges and making it more affordable.


It has thus become highly convenient and beneficial to buy new bike insurance online. Not only does it save time, reduce paperwork, remove the middleman, and thus reduce the cost, but it also provides you with the peace of mind and financial protection you deserve.

During my search, I found numerous aggregators, but none were as simple, intuitive, and helpful as Bajaj Finserv. It provided me with the best customer support and helped me every step of the way to purchase insurance for my Himalayan. I appreciated the service so much I have recommended it to my friend for his car insurance online.

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