4 Cheapest Airline to Get to UAE



Flying has become a renowned way of travelling. It provides a fast and efficient means of transportation. So, people reach their destinations in a matter of hours rather than days. Improvements in technology have made air travel safer and more comfortable than ever before. Airlines have made efforts and competed to transform this industry as big as it is today. Aircraft have increased fuel-efficiency as well as better aerodynamic designs. Aggressive advertisement campaigns have made people more aware of their mode of transportation. Globalization and economic progress turned people towards more convenient options. The United Arab Emirates is the ideal holiday in summer for people looking for both, adventure and leisure. Expansive museums and local markets are where tourists can learn about the nation’s rich culture and heritage. Pristine beaches as well as luxurious hotels and world-class restaurants are present.

You will surely be struck by the underrated beauty of the sand dunes and various mountain ranges. Erase your fear of heights by observing the modern landscape at the tallest building in the world. Now you may start researching on which airline offers the cheapest tickets for your trip to the UAE. Don’t stress out as 4 best choices are highlighted in this blog.

1- Air Aabia

Air Arabia is one of the most popular airlines currently operating in Arabian Peninsula. With a large fleet of 58 aircraft, it is able to offer flights simultaneously between various destinations. The airline is known for its affordable fares and excellent customer service. Air Arabia also has a loyalty program called Air Rewards, which allows frequent flyers to earn points and redeem them for free flights and other benefits. Now purchase your tickets by Booking.com voucher code.

2- Flydubai

Initially, flydubai stated domestically within airspace of UAE. However, now you can expect to and from flights at 115+ airports. It offers a lenient cancellation policy for your late requests. Rates for seats and additional luggage are minimal. Partnerships with other firms allows it offer travel packages according to your budget and preferences. It works with Skywards customer loyalty program of many other airlines in the UAE.


Airblue has been in the airline market for a long time of 19 years. Many famous celebrities have also been spotted travelling through it. So, it has proven to be a reliable airline. The frequent flyer loyalty program can provide you with benefits like complimentary lunch and free upgrade to business class. The website feature gives the convenience of buying your tickets online without any service charges.

4-Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi provides tickets at affordable rates. Like from Abu Dhabi to Budapest in just AED 219 is not that bad of a deal. Furthermore, it also offers various discounts and promotions throughout the year. Travelers can easily save money on their trips. It has a fleet mostly comprising of A321 neo which is the most appropriate for this kind of low-cost, high demand airline. Their website provides a filter option to plan your trip effectively. The unique and exclusive livery on the aircraft appeals to the style expectations of enthusiasts.

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