Traveling Trend Study Utilizing Google Trends



The traveling industry is experiencing new challenges with the boosting price of fuel, worsening airport delays and the weak United States dollar. Thankfully, travelers are obtaining smarter instead of surrendering and also staying home. They are comparing residential and international currencies to assist select destinations, comparing roadway vs. flight, acquiring all-encompassing travel plans and also uncovering traveling locations near residence. Yet where is everyone going, and extra importantly, what kinds of destinations are attracting them?

Google Trends is an on-line tool that offers understanding into travel fads around the globe. The device is offered by Google Labs and also shows contrasts of popularity for various search phrases. Try it for yourself: go to Google Trends (see the web link at the end of this article), duplicate “company travel, holiday traveling, vacation traveling” (with commas but without quotes) right into the message box and hit the Search Fads button.

Do you see a chart with a colored line for each of the 3 expressions you entered? Notice the years provided along the x-axis, consisting of tick marks at each quarter year. Google Trends utilizes the first phrase in your listing as a standard for contrast to the staying expressions. Can you see just how interest in getaway and vacation traveling is more than interest in organization traveling?

Seasonal trends differ for the various travel kinds. For instance, passion in getaway traveling is greatest in January as well as continuously decreases toward December. Holiday traveling follows a comparable fad besides a huge surge in rate of interest throughout midyear (meaning summer in the north hemisphere). Service travel has continuous appeal throughout the year besides a drop in December, when weary road warriors spend even more time with family for the vacations.

Now let’s check out local interest for your keywords. Near the bottom of the web page, transform the selection in the “Rank by” drop-down listing, then look at the regions with the most searches for those phrases (remember, these are the areas where online searches originated, not the areas where individuals intend to visit). You’ll see “getaway traveling” is a preferred phrase in Canada, the USA and also the UK, while “vacation travel” is prominent in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. This expertise can help you determine vital key words for target market in various regions.

It is necessary to comprehend that the information in Google Trends is stabilized, implying the outcomes are rated in contrast to all look for the offered area. This keeps locations with high populations from overwhelming the lead to contrast to various other areas. The advantage is you can approximate the percent rate of interest from a region’s population independently of the size of the populace. In our instance, there may be more people in New York than London searching for “company travel”, yet according to Google Trends, a greater percentage of London’s than New york city’s populace has an interest in organization travel.

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